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Baltic Bearing Company-Riga
The plant "SIA "Baltic Bearing Company-Riga" (hereinafter referred to as the Plant) is an enterprise belonging to the VVS group of companies. This Group of companies includes a number of enterprises from European Union countries. The production facilities and large warehouse areas owned by the group of companies allow us to ensure the storage of finished products, as well as quickly process orders from customers.

The plant belongs to the enterprises of a new generation. It is located in Latvia (in the city of Riga). The way this facility is equipped is impressive. It uses not only systems to control the quality of products, but also modern machines.
The plant produces a wide range of bearings from different design groups (both roller and ball). The production capacity, high-precision and modern machines involved in the process ensure the production of bearings from the sixth class and above.

The plant annually develops new types of bearing products, which is facilitated by production capacity. Thus, more than ten million spherical bearings are produced here every year. All workshop equipment is certified according to global standards. The plant's workshops house more than two hundred high-precision machines, which include assembly lines, CNC machines, machining centers and much more.
The technological process at the enterprise begins with the receipt from suppliers of processed workpieces with standardized allowances for its further heat treatment, grinding and assembly. Heat treatment provides parameters for the metal structure and hardness of the workpiece. During the grinding process, at the initial stages of processing, working surfaces are formed (the edges of the inner and outer rings and the outer cylindrical bearings surface of the outer rings). During subsequent operations, working surfaces are formed, which undergo grinding and superfinishing (bearing rings, flanges and mounting holes).

The Baltic Bearing Company in Riga employs more than 90 people of different nationalities. The company was able to maintain its team throughout the two years of the pandemic, and is doing everything possible to retain it today.
On September twenty-eighth two thousand and sixteen, the Plant entered into a support contract within the framework of the event “Promoting International Competitiveness”, one of the sponsors of which is the European Regional Development Fund. The counterparty to the contract was the Latvian Investment Agency.
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